5 Unofficial Roles of a Great Dance Instructor

An experienced dance instructor can gracefully simulate multiple roles within a dance class. Aside from teaching, dance instructors are responsible for creating an uplifting and safe environment to maximize your learning.




Motivational Speaker

Therapist: We recognize when our students are stressed out. We actively encourage you to relax and get out of your head. We remind our students that dance is about enjoyment, not perfection. We encourage you to embrace the learning process and we help you create positive mindsets about your existing dance abilities and your capability to continue improving your dancing.

Body Guard: We’re watching out for your safety. Are you getting too close to another couple or to a wall? We’ll do our best to let you know or to rearrange the dancers into a formation that creates room for you. Are we having an intense cardio moment, where our students are working up a sweat? We’ll cue a water break to help you stay hydrated. We want to avoid casualties on the dance floor.

Cheerleader: We’re yelling instructions for our students to follow along. We’re enthusiastically celebrating you when you’ve mastered a new move! We’re so proud of your win!

Motivational Speaker: We talk about our craft with fiery passion. We inspire our students to develop an enthusiasm for dance. We are responsible for setting the mood in the room and we try to continuously elevate that mood from the beginning to the end of our course.

Buzzer: Like the buzzer in a game show, we’ll let you know when your execution isn’t quite right. Unlike the buzzer, we’ll correct you gracefully and offer constructive feedback to help you correct your mistake.


Note: your dance instructor likely does not have formal training or credentials in any of these roles, but might draw some inspiration from these occupations.

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